Katie Rose PipKin – Gamer, American Curator & Founder of HeyWatch

Katie Rose PipKin A Gamer & Founder of HeyWatch Encoding (A Complete Gaming Portal).

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Roblox is a multiplayer game available online. It is the game which can be easily played on smartphones, tablets, laptop or pc. Roblox is also a game creation system platform that allows you to create your own games. It is amongst the many few platforms that allow you to design your own game as well as play a variety of already developed games.  Robux is the virtual currency that you earn from games on Roblox. Not all games found on Roblox give you Robux. There are various ways to purchase this currency.  Know more about Robux currency, its use and ways to earn or purchase it.

How to get Free Robux?

This virtual currency helps you to get good gaming experience. With Robux in your account, you can play the latest version of your favourite game. Moreover, you get the updates of the game on a priority basis and there is no level of the game that you can’t access while having robust in your account. There are different ways in which Robux can be earned or purchased:

* You can purchase this currency from a mobile, browser and using Credit Card Number generator. It is very easy to purchase this currency by visiting online sites of Roblox from your mobile or any browser.

* If you have a membership account on this game site, then you receive Robux as a stipend.

* Accounts with membership can sell shirts and pants to get a percentage of profits some games, you can sell clothes of the characters to get profit and use it to purchase more Robux to your account.

* Those of you who have account membership can sell game access to other people. You get to make a profit and earn more virtual currency.

Can Robux be earned for free?

There is no way you can earn this virtual currency without paying a single penny. Either take the membership or purchase the currency from authentic sites. There are some sites online which claim to give you Robux Generator for free.

Apart from purchasing you can earn this currency also. You can get free membership form Roblox by earning points with Point prizes. It is not easy at all to earn points via points prize. Another way to get a small amount of virtual gaming currency on your account is by downloading the Mobile app of Roblox. Codes redeemed via the google play store or iTunes Gift cards store while downloading the app, adds Robux top your account.

University of Texas at Austin
BFA in Studio Art, 2013
School for Poetic Computation,
Summer 2015
Carnegie Mellon University
MFA in Studio Art, expected 2018
Selected Exhibitions;


  • The Milano Game Festival, XXI Triennale, Triennale Design Museum, Milan, Italy
  • Beazley Designs of the Year, The Design Museum, London, UK
  • The Art of Bots, Abandon Normal Devices, Somerset House, London, UK
  • What’s a steak, 5122 Penn and Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Mild Rumpus, The Game Developer’s Conference, San Francisco, CA
  • Electronic Literature: A Matter of Bits, The Stedman Gallery at Rutgers University, Camden, NJ


  • Picking figs in the garden while my world eats Itself, Not Gallery, Austin, TX (solo)
  • Now Play This, Somerset House, London, UK
  • Babycastles Living, Babycastles Gallery, New York City, NYELO: The End(s) of Electronic Literature, Bergen, Norway
  • The Only Knowledge Worth Possessing, Gray Duck Gallery & The Contemporary, Austin, TX
  • Ins & Outs, Art Science Gallery, Austin, TX
  • Just Some Me Time…, Museum of Human Achievement and Applied Self-Instruction Foundation, Austin, TX
  • Electronic Objects Salon, XOXO Fest, Portland, OR


  • Six drawings of dogs and some of rocks, Little Pink Monster Gallery, Austin, TX (solo)
  • West, The Haskell House, Austin, TX
  • Group Hug, Pump Project Flex Space/Lullwood Group, Austin and San Antonio, TX
  • Texas Biennial, Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum, San Antonio, TX
  • New Digital Art Biennale, The Wrong, Worldwide Basements Were Rooftops, Fusebox Festival, Austin, TX
  • East, Fisterra Studios, Austin, TX
  • The Grayduck 5k, Grayduck Gallery, Austin, TX
  • October, Joshua Tree Art Gallery, Joshua Tree, CA