Snowfall DESTROYS Three Cars is an ongoing curatorial project focusing on Youtube and other online repositories of human information.

Like the internet at large, these screenshots, videos,  webcams, texts, and websites are often aggressively hilarious, sometimes sad, and frequently both.

In the past, videos have been arranged into two hour playlists and screened without pause. Curatorial blogs and social media sites have been arranged to focus on a particular set of aesthetics or incidences. Public workshops and webinars have been given on how to arrive at such material in one's own home.

Snowfall is, fundamentally, aggressive moments of peak human detritus gathered most lovingly.

Text from public talk at Lawrence Arts Center; Youtube Distillation; curating internet ephemera for pleasure and personal success.

You can view past playlists at


Please note that as we are interested in preserving the very particular quality of Youtube and internet based media, we do not download the videos and some have been deleted since the screening.